Peace of Mind is Possible, Even Now…
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 No matter your current situation, it is truly possible to find peace in the midst of the stress that you may be experiencing.  Right now it is the pandemic.  Next year it might be a loss of some kind.  Having strategies to de-stress on a daily basis is part of practicing healthy Self Care.

Start by making peace with your past.
  Whatever has happened, whatever mistakes made, those experiences and the learning that has occurred as a result is a gift that allows you to soar ahead today. 

Be like a GPS.  It does not need to know where you have been in order to navigate you correctly to where you now wish to go.

Use your imagination every day.  What are your desires, your intentions, your dreams, your goals?  If visualizing these brings you joy and excitement, they are aligned with your purpose.  In fact, why not make how you feel the litmus test for deciding about everything?

If you would like to know more about discovering your purpose, I would be delighted to chat with you off line 1 on 1.

Make a daily practice of stating what you appreciate.  Some people refer to them as Gratitude Statements.  I like Appreciation Statements myself.  Whichever you prefer, this is a sure path to peace of mind.

Lastly, commit to at least 5 Daily Self Care Practices.  Anything from a 15 minute meditation, 30 minute walk in nature, connecting with a friend, going to bed an hour earlier…whatever feels like loving self care is a win!