Price: $104.00
Clean, chemical-free showers

By efficiently reducing chlorine exposure, the PiMag MicroJet® Shower System raises the quality of your shower water to par with that of your drinking water. For the cleanest and revivingest showering experience, use advanced filtration!

Free-radical chlorine ions are neutralized by the PiMag MicroJet® while simultaneously decreasing the majority of other pollutants through a reduction/oxidation process. The Air-Induction feature adds air to the shower stream to boost the electronegative potential of the water for even better filtration. This feature also results in a larger air-to-water ratio, which produces a spray of water that is soft but still effective.

To effectively and gently cleanse, soften skin, and relax muscles, the nozzle disperses streams of microbubbles throughout the water flow. To prevent mineral formation, cutting-edge magnetic technology helps helps improve the water absorption.

  • Water Filtration with PiMag® Technology
  • Decreases chlorine for healthier skin
  • Adjustable nozzle control with five spray settings using advanced magnetic technology and air induction technology