Walking barefoot on the earth provides great benefits.

Understanding the benefits of grounding begins with you remembering how you felt the last time you spent most of the day outdoors.  Chances are you felt calm and energized.

Let’s explore the science of Grounding also called Earthing.

Clint Ober co-author of the popular book Earthing, came from a background in the cable industry.  He understood that all electrical and cable systems had to be “grounded” or connected to the earth’s surface to stop interference from outside electromagnetic fields.  He observed that most people wear some type of rubber or plastic-soled shoes.  He wondered if this could have an adverse effect on our health.  As a child growing up on a farm, he noticed that animals that were allowed to run free were much healthier than animals kept indoors in a cage.

The Science of Being Grounded 

He began experimenting with the use of a simple voltmeter to measure the effects of exposure from household appliances and wiring in the walls of his home.  He then took measurements while “grounded to a grounding rod.  Ultimately, he found that when he was grounded, he slept better and had less discomfort.

In another early experiment with Dr. Maurice Ghaly, a retired anesthesiologist, cortisol levels were measured before and after grounding.  (Elevated cortisol indicates chronic stress which can lead to chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, stroke and depressed immune system function).  It was found that earthing could “resynchronize” cortisol secretion to a more normal natural rhythm.  People slept better and reported less discomfort.

In 2001, Ober began working with Dr. Stephen Sinatra, an integrative cardiologist who had identified inflammation as the cause of arterial and cardiovascular disease.  With the help of biophysicist James Oschman, Ph.D. they were able to determine that the earth was an effective anti-inflammatory aid.

The electric energy on the surface of the earth takes the form of a limitless supply of negatively charged particles called electrons.  When you make contact with the earth, while barefooted or with a grounding/earthing device, the electrons are absorbed into the body where they attach to positively charged free radicals that cause chronic inflammation.  The key here is the effect of chronic inflammation.  When you experience an injury or illness there is a normal level of inflammation that is part of the healing process.  However, if you have chronic inflammation,  tissue can be damaged leading to illness or disease.

Due to our technological world where cell phones, tablets, laptops and wi fi connected devices surround us 24/7; we are constantly being bombarded with EMF, electromagnetic frequencies.  This exposure has been linked to inflammatory reactions, cancer, sleep disruption and immune system dysfunction. 

To incorporate the benefits of grounding, if you can regularly walk bare foot on grass, dirt or on the beach, you can ground yourself naturally.  However, most of us live in urban settings that limit our access to direct contact with the earth. 

Grounding devices/earthing devices are the best alternative to neutralize the effect of electromagnetic fields and free radicals.

How Stay Grounded Without Leaving Your House

Most people do not have the luxury to walk barefoot on the beach every day.   But if you could you would be supporting the very essence of optimal health.

The benefits of grounding are significant. Here’s a simple affordable solution to staying grounded even when most of your time is spent indoors.