Meet Sherri

How did I become a wellness entrepreneur?

sherri image (1)Sherri Danzig is CEO of Wellness Resources International. Her past career was steeped in the typical example of the stressed out, unfulfilled sales rep who had no inspiration to continue living that way. Then one day she was introduced into the Wellness Industry.

She accepted an invitation from a friend to attend an introductory class for a massage therapy school. It was love at first sight; Sherri had found her passion. Though pregnant with her first child, she soon enrolled and upon graduation became a licensed massage therapist.

Building her new business included teaching her clients about continuing their own self-care. Clients would often report that they were hurting again only days after their massage. She was committed to finding the right tools and products to help them improve their overall wellness. She too was suffering from continuous back and hip pain and felt like an imposter as she took her daily doses of Motrin to get through the day.

Soon after she learned about Nikken that provides magnetic health products and other wellness technologies inspired from nature. Although skeptical, she took a giant leap of faith and ordered a magnetic mattress topper, comforter, and pillow. Within a few days, Sherri began waking up in the morning feeling fully rested, no longer hurting. For her it was extraordinary, and she felt these products could also be a solution for her massage therapy clients.

With the Nikken products Sherri witnessed clients improving from conditions such as sciatica and allergies, reclaiming a full night’s sleep and reducing the agony of fibromyalgia. As a result of observing these miraculous health improvements, Sherri made a decision to expand her massage business with Nikken by offering all of Nikken’s high-quality product solutions as a Nikken consultant.

Today, Sherri is one of Nikkens top performers, owns a wellness-based business and is a professional speaker on wellness and personal empowerment. She is committed to helping her clients seek natural ways to care for their health and follow a proven pathway to a life of wellness.

My Vision

I believe that we can create the life of our dreams and that we can surely “have it all” – embracing a philosophy of wellness and balance in 5 key areas – our mind, body, family, community, and finances.


Sherri understands how indelibly linked her own success is with that of her team and she’s sincere in her desire and efforts to help each of us exceed our goals. If you are committed to the success of your business, Sherri will be just as committed to supporting you, encouraging you, keeping you on task, and urging you outside your comfort zone as often as possible!

Lisa Provost

Nikken Independent Wellness Consultant

More than just a business.

I wasn’t always so mission­ driven and positive­-thinking. Becoming a part of the Nikken family and culture meant joining a movement that was much bigger than anything I had ever dreamed of. It has been a rich journey of partnering with other like­-minded passionately driven people from all over the world, making a difference in the way we take care of our health and teach others to do the same.

When someone chooses to join my team, my commitment to them is to support and mentor them on a path of business development and personal growth. I am passionate about empowering each person to create the purpose and freedom they are looking for, to be unstoppable in their life!

Work Life Balance

When you love what you do, you will never work again another day…that said, I cherish my “chill time” and belly laughs with family and friends. At the beach, on the tennis court, in a hammock with a great book, cooking up a yummy feast, or my guilty pleasure of watching a show on Netflix…these are some of my favorite things!

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