My Story

My life from the outside looked amazing: a loving family, great friends, meaningful work. I was an over-achiever and believed that in order to be successful, I needed to take on everything myself. My belief was that hard work was necessary and never-ending.

My success as a neuromuscular therapist, birth doula, and consultant with an international energy medicine company, Nikken, was all fulfilling.

Yet I was facing a mountain of overwhelm, of noise and chaos within myself, and wondered how I would climb my steep slope to overcome the feeling of “not enough.”

I had learned how I could “cheat time” in order to get everything done by staying up to the wee hours. Additionally, I was getting by on 4-5 hours of sleep.

I told myself exhaustion came with the territory of living a full life as a working mother.

If you can relate to feeling that down deep you are not enough, it is time to put an end to telling yourself that crap!

One day, I got a “wake-up call”.

I had a serious car accident due to being so sleep-deprived.

Clarity came from this experience.

I was tired of feeling not enough and putting my self-care last.

I decided to ask for help in scaling my mountain of overwhelm.

My work with a few treasured coaches and mentors who supported my journey in indescribable ways brought light to my path even when all I could see was darkness.

I have learned so much about the power of choosing my thoughts and of knowing who I am.

This is why I was inspired to become a self-care coach, and why I named my company Choosing Vibrancy.

Through my own journey, I’ve gained confidence that comes from being Self-ish.

I’m not talking about the type that lacks compassion for others, but the self-ishness that arises from knowing yourself, illuminating from within, which provides a greater, more authentic opportunity to be of service to others.

I have developed tools that have taught me how to strengthen my positivity when I slip back to listening to the negativity that lurks in the shadows.

A mountain looks much different from the ground than it does once you complete your climb.

I have had the opportunity to look back and see others where I had been.

I discovered my purpose: to help others climb that mountain, find their purpose, and live their best, most vibrant lives!

As a Life Coach for Women, I find my joy and purpose mentoring women, like you.

My mission is to help you recognize your strengths, and enable you to discover, feel, and be your best self.

I’ll help you re-write the stories that burden you from the past through the eyes of self-compassion and self-love.

Together, we will identify the “life patterns” and beliefs that have kept you stuck for years.

You know, those situations that have put you on a roller coaster of feeling good after a success of some kind and then, shortly after the celebration, back to feeling overwhelmed and small.

When you have clarity about who you truly are, not the roles you have become, you will enjoy a new confidence that empowers you in every aspect of your life.

You’ll never scale that mountain without taking the first step.