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Do you struggle with headaches, back and joint discomfort, sluggish energy, or difficulty staying focused?

Your body can heal itself, and your body can protect itself when we focus on the necessary building blocks our body needs.  Those building blocks are quality water, nutrition, and sleep.

It’s up to us to safeguard our health and using natural energy technologies from sunlight, magnetic energy and negative ions is a simple way to stay connected to the recharging and necessary elements of nature.   We can do this by making our homes a sanctuary with the most optimal environment for healing.  We call this a Wellness Home.

A great place to start to create an environment that promotes health and wellness for yourself and your family is with the quality of water in your home.

Learn more about the Living Water Technologies I recommend HERE.

Empower yourself with great Self Care!   Self Care is a process of becoming aware of and making better choices towards a healthier life.  It is achieved by incorporating simple, affordable, passive and effective principles to your daily living.  By actively practicing Self Care your home will become a greenhouse where you and your family will thrive.

As a Self Care Activist, my motto is “Be Healthy by Choice, not by Chance!”

Why not start by making a new Healthy Choice Today?

recharge your wellness with alkaline water and more

Recharge Your Body!

The Problem: Most people are living in a health crisis. On top of high stress and fast-paced lifestyles, we’re bombarded with chemical exposure and harmful energy fields (EMF’s) every day.  It’s no wonder serious health conditions are on the rise.

The Solution:  We need on-going and preventative self-care. It’s not enough to single out one aspect of a healthy lifestyle, like diet or exercise. We should surround ourselves with vital energies that come directly from Mother Nature and drink pure alkaline water. Create a healthy sanctuary, and your Wellness Home becomes a place to recharge your mind and body. And shouldn’t your home protect your most important assets – your health and your family’s well-being?

The Ellis Hotel has a very productive and profitable relationship with Sherri Danzig. She always does what she says she is going to do.  Sherri is a very creative marketer and is an extremely trust-worthy and easy to work with partner. The Ellis Hotel is proud to call Sherri Danzig our Wellness Expert.

Tom LaVaccare

Director of Sales & Marketing, The Ellis Hotel

money-back-logoNutrition and Skin Care 30-day money-back guarantee: Nikken guarantees the quality of all their nutritional and skin care products. If a retail customer is not satisfied, he or she may return the product to the Nikken Consultant within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Who is Nikken?

Nikken was founded in Japan over 40 years ago. They are a company with a holistic approach to health and a belief that true wellness is based on more than just being physically healthy.

They are leading wellness innovators in the world.  Nikken brings to market simple to use products, instilled with Mother Nature’s natural energies. Their vital technologies support our health by providing us with more energy, quality sleep, and support our body’s ability — to recover from daily stress, illness, and injury — more quickly.  These technologies help us create a safe haven where we live and work.

Nikken has grown to become the leading health care company in Japan and the pioneer in Energy Medicine technologies. Think of Nikken as the “Apple” of Health and Wellness – a “one stop shop” for your self care needs.

Balance in 5 Key Areas

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in 5 key areas – A Balanced Lifestyle