Price: $143.00
Conforms to your natural sleeping position

Nikken Sleep System component. Due to the design’s use of magnetic technology, this pillow is unlike any other you’ll encounter. Your brain recharges as you fall asleep deeper, giving you more energy for the day ahead.

Entirely adjustable by simply adding or removing the filler and made of natural, breathable cotton. The Naturest Pillow has a uniquely shaped collar that ensures the head, neck, and spine are properly aligned, and six magnets (Kenko PowerButtons®) are organized in a grid deep inside the natural latex core to surround you in a magnetic field that mimics the environment in which you are in nature. The Nikken Sleep System can be used alone or in conjunction with the Naturest® Fit Pad and Kenko Dream® Quilt to improve your sleep environment.

  • Supports the position of the spine
  • Creates a tranquil setting for deep sleep
  • Temperature control
  • Adaptable specifically to your preferred level of comfort