Price: $126.00
Clean, chemical-free showers

The PiMag MicroJet® Shower System efficiently lowers chlorine exposure and raises the quality of your shower water to par with that of your drinking water. The cleanest and most revitalizing showering experience is made possible by advanced filtration!

Free-radical chlorine ions are neutralized by the PiMag MicroJet® via a reduction/oxidation process, which also reduces the majority of other pollutants. In order to raise the electronegative potential of the water for even better filtration, the Air-Induction feature injects air into the shower stream. This results in a larger air-to-water ratio and a softer but still effective water stream.

The nozzle disperses streams of tiny bubbles into the water stream, which has the effect of gently washing, softening the skin, and relaxing the muscles. In order to eliminate mineral buildup, advanced magnetic technology helps to reduce clumping in the water flow.

  • Water Filtration Technology Using PiMag®
  • Lowers chlorine for better skin health
  • Featuring five spray settings and customizable nozzle control using advanced magnetic technology.
  • Replacement filter