Price: $426.00
Hydrate the smart way

The PiMag Waterfall® gravity water system provides you with clean, filtered water on demand and a multi-stage filtration system that aids in cellular hydration.

Four processes make up the PiMag Waterfall’s® operation: Pre-filters for sediments, filtration for heavy metals, mineral stones to adjust pH, and magnets to enhance cellular absorption.

PiMag® water is distinctive because of the added trace minerals, which results in a pH range of 8.5 to 9.5. Ionized water helps balance the oxidizing effects of many components of the modern diet and environment. The alkalinity of PiMag water promotes health by lowering excess acidity. Cellular damage is slowed down by the lowered oxidation-reduction potential (ORP).

Warranty details: One (1) year.

This filtration system is environmentally responsible and aids in lowering plastic waste because it is made of recyclable and biodegradable materials.

  • No plumbing or power is required for natural, gravity-fed filtration
  • Exactly fits onto your counter top