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Attracting a Healthy Lifestyle begins with Magnets! Pun intended!

Don’t let the fact that your doctor did not prescribe magnets for your injured back or neck keep you from exploring this for yourself.  You have nothing to lose except perhaps a nagging ache in your back.  The other thing you could lose is the bad side-effects from taking too much over-the-counter pills whenever you hurt. 

There is no down side and a potential very big up side to getting relief and having more energy due to using magnets.

Life has changed very quickly for all of us. Maybe we’re working from home, balancing our jobs with teaching our kids, trying to maintain a positive attitude and stick to a regimen that enables us to complete our tasks and stay energized.

Hmmm… everything we’re striving for has a lot in common with MAGNETS!

Cells – those tiny building blocks of all living things – are actually microscopic magnets, attracted to one another in such a way that they help the body (human, animal, plant, etc.) to function.

When cells are in their proper alignment – ordered by magnetism – uninterrupted communication takes place via electric (magnetic) currents.

When the magnetic field is disturbed – through stress, poor eating habits, exposure to a variety of environmental toxins, etc. – communication channels are interrupted and we open ourselves to illness and disease.

There’s a reason we say we feel out of balance or mention that we don’t feel grounded.

Extensive scientific research (conducted as far back as ancient China and Egypt) has proven that incorporating magnets into our daily routine is useful in regaining and maintaining health and wellness.

Wearing or using magnetic products increases blood flow, improves energy, and accelerates the healing process.

From magnetic massage tools to pads for your back or knee, seat cushions, insoles for your shoes, even jewelry, magnets are easy to incorporate into your everyday life.

If you find improving your health and wellness through magnets an irresistible idea to pursue, reach out so we can figure out what would be best for you to use.

Research Using Magnets