Raise Your Energy and Feel Better with Magnets!

Do Magnets Help with Discomfort?

When was the last time your doctor suggested a natural remedy for feeling better? Something not written on a prescription pad?  If you have chronic back discomfort or suffer from headaches, did you know you can feel better with magnets?

Doctors are very smart about a lot of things. When it comes to offering a natural solution to a problem, maybe not so much.

Doctors do not have all the answers.  This is especially true when it comes to natural solutions.  As a result, your doctor may not be the best person to consult when you don’t want to use medicine or medical treatments.  All solutions for muscle, joint and back pain don’t have to come in a prescription bottle.

I have much respect for doctors.  Actually, one of my daughters is an MD.  Because of the rigor to become a doctor, we assume sometimes they know everything.  However, the problem with doctors is that they are not provided much if any, education on a more holistic approach to feeling better.

This is not an article about ditching your doctor. 

I suggest you become empowered with natural ways of taking care of your health.  It’s not about ditching your doctor.  It is about learning more about what you can do on your own to positively affect your health.

What if there was something that could help you feel better without the negative side effects often linked to prescriptive drugs? Do you have an open mind when it comes to your well-being?  The result of some medical doctors who have studied the use of magnets is very promising.  As a result, millions of individuals have taken an interest in the effects of magnets.   

1/3 of the population use alternatives.

According to the National Health Statistics Report, 1/3 of the population, including children, use alternatives outside traditional medicine prescribed by their doctor.  This includes chiropractic care, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, and magnets.  

This has resulted in over 40 million people using magnets for their discomfort.  Additionally, magnets help with lack of energy and help to speed up recovery from injury. 

Are you wondering when you might use a magnet to help you to feel better?

Here is why you might love to use magnets every day.

1. If you suffer from chronic discomfort somewhere in your body.

2. If you have aches associated with playing a sport you love.

3. If during the day you suffer from low energy.

What’s the harm in trying something that can help, even a whole lot, and cannot hurt you?

There is no downside to using magnets but they need to be the ‘real thing’.  This means they are backed by science.  The results are often that the only thing you have to lose is that nagging ache in your body. 

And, you will not experience any bad side effects. Something you cannot say about taking over-the-counter or prescription pills.

Here’s a taste of the science.

A quick lesson about the body.  Cells are those tiny building blocks of all living things.  And they are actually microscopic magnets. They are attracted to one another in such a way that they help the body function.

Communication between cells happens through electromagnetic fields in your body.  Magnets improve the function of cells and therefore, improves your overall health potential.

Stress, poor eating habits, and toxins from the environment disturb the communication in your body. This disturbance is related to illness and disease. Magnets help balance the cell’s ability to function at a higher level.

More science on the benefits of using magnets.

Numerous research studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of magnets. It has been proven that using magnets in our daily routine is useful in regaining and maintaining health and wellness.

According to William Pawluk, MD, “Magnets speed up the healing process, decrease pain and increase blood flow, which means you have more oxygen and waste products are eliminated more quickly.”  

You need magnets even more than 20 years ago because of WIFI.

American physician Robert O. Becker has written books about the negative effects of WIFI.  Similarly, he has warned that artificially generated electromagnetic frequencies disturb how all living things communicate and function.  

Becker was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize for health.  He was convinced that the increase in these frequencies, or EMFs, is directly linked to the rise in rates of cancer. He also linked a rise in birth defects, learning disabilities, and chronic fatigue to artificial EMFs.  But none of us want to live without WIFI.  

So what are we to do?  The good news is that there is another benefit to using magnets every day.  Magnets offset the negative effect of EMFs.  Keep reading because all magnets such as a refrigerator magnet don’t offer the same health benefits.

“You’ll just have to live with it.” 

If you are in pain, you do not want to hear those words from your doctor, “you’ll just have to live with it.”  You want a solution to your pain.  For example, people with diabetes often suffer terribly from neuropathy.  Doctors usually prescribe those patients pain medication as the only option.

Even so, drugs and treatments are often not that effective for diabetic neuropathy.  These patients are typically on medication for years, if not for the rest of their lives. Damage to their kidney, liver, along with other side effects results from the long use of medication.  

There is hope for diabetics.

Dr. Michael Weintraub of New York Medical College researched the effects of magnetic insoles for diabetic neuropathy patients.

His study was published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, May 2003. 

Dr. Weintraub stated, “The present study provides convincing data confirming that the constant wearing of static, permanent, magnetic insoles produces a statistically significant reduction of neuropathic pain.”

This study was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. The purpose of the study was to demonstrate the merits and clinical benefits of utilizing static magnets.

In conclusion, 85% of the patients in the study experienced a significant reduction from the pain and burning caused by diabetic neuropathy.

Not all magnetic products are created alike.  

Nikken’s magnetic insoles were the ones used in Dr. Weintraub’s study. Although I do not have a medical condition, my ongoing back issues are alleviated by wearing a magnet on my back and around my neck. 

There are definitely scam magnets out there to purchase.  Therefore, you must do your own due diligence.  I would never use any other magnets than Nikken’s. As a result of being backed by 4 decades of research and development, they have over 40 million satisfied customers.

It is very beneficial and simple to use something magnetic every day. 

From magnetic massage tools to pads for your back or knee, seat cushions, insoles for your shoes, even jewelry, magnets are easy to incorporate into your everyday life.  

In other words, the advanced magnetic technology Nikken offers replicates the Earth’s magnetic field. It helps restore the normal balance in your body.  It is beneficial to use a magnet every day.  I never go a day without wearing and using Nikken’s magnetic support.

Inexpensive and easy to use.

Are you tired of swallowing pills?  If so, then magnets are a perfect alternative.  For instance, they are simple to use and effective. Similarly, they are inexpensive, safe to use, and do not cause any side effects.  You might even call magnets an attractive idea to pursue!  

CBS News reported a few years ago, “If you think all those… claims about magnets are a bunch of hooey, think again.” 

In conclusion, there is a solution for your discomfort, low energy, or numb feet. You have absolutely nothing to lose and much to gain. 

Schedule a call with me to learn about the most advanced magnetic technology in the world.  As a Self-Care Mentor, I will guide you with different options to have the greatest benefit to you.

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