Do your friends or family call you a worrywart?  Why do you worry (so much)?

Do you imagine the worst scenario in every situation?  I hope not but you are in ‘good company’ if you do.

Someone said “Worrying is like praying for what you do not want”.  Why on this green earth would any of us want to do that?!!

Why focus on the opposite of the outcome you do want? 

I asked a few worrywart-friends that question.  They all said about the same thing.  It makes them feel more prepared when the worst does happen.  Good grief.  Time to sit down and explain the Law of Attraction to them.  Our thoughts become things I begin with.  What we focus on, we attract more of.  Oprah on The Law of Attraction.

I admit that in certain situations, I have spent time imagining something horribly unimaginable.  It is downright cruel the thoughts I’ve allowed to circulate in my mind at times.  It almost always centers around one of my children when they are on a road trip.  

In some situations, it feels near impossible to not worry.

Some people seem conditioned to worry about everything.  Like not finding a parking spot, or someone not liking them who they’ve just met or losing something important to them. 

Worrying is a habit; a particular lens for seeing the world.   And just like any habit, with discipline, the habit can be changed.  More about that in a bit.

I’ve heard it said many times, “Expect the best, plan for the worst”. Call me “Susie-Sunshine” but I believe in expecting the best, period. 

Sure, it’s smart to have insurance and a plan for the unexpected.  I simply prefer to not give any power to “the worst”.  Again, a belief in the Law of Attraction guides me to stay focused on what I do want.

Our mind is good at tricking us under the guise of staying safe.  When we focus on the bad “what ifs” we justify being a worrywart to ourselves.  Worrying is a good avoidance tactic for sure.  Worrying to keeps us “safe”  limits opportunities for growth and adventure.  If you feel stuck, explore what you are most worried about. 

I believe the underlying truth about worry is almost always, the fear of not measuring up; of not being enough.

Here’s a personal example.  A few months back, I woke up in the morning with a knot in my gut.  I had a big talk to give that evening and I was worried about how well I would do, if I would connect with my audience.  (Am I enough?)  Getting dressed, I worried if my outfit was just right.  (Am I enough?)  When driving to the event, I worried about the traffic, being late, and finding a place to park.  (Am I enough?)  I was a wreck when I arrived.  Realizing my level of tension, I decided to hang out in the parking lot in my car and meditate.  Once I quieted my mind, I realized how I had been torturing myself all day with worry.  

I shifted by saying a *mantra and **“I AM’d” myself into a completely different place. 

I shifted into a space of having faith that I would do great and be well-received.  I visualized myself on stage feeling empowered and inspiring, seeing the listeners nodding their heads, completely engaged with me and my message.  My body language was completely changed when I walked through the parking lot, now feeling confident and excited.  The worrying had disappeared.

In order to let go of worry, you have to lean in to faith.  The two cannot co-exist in the same moment.  As quickly as your thoughts can turn to worry, they can just as quickly be redirected to faith.

I know you know this.  Most often what we worry about is something that we have no control over in the first place.  With a new awareness, you can train yourself with every worrisome thought, to build a new habit of seeing the best in the situation.  Like in Lee Ann Womack’s song, “Give faith a fighting chance.” 

3 steps to Let Go of the Worry 

  1. Acknowledge your awareness about the situation. 
  2. Gain clarity. What is the truth underneath the worry?
  3. Meditate to find your center.  Visualize the best possible situation. 

*One of my favorite mantras: I love and appreciate the ease in my life that I am attracting.I invite unlimited joy, abundance, and radiant health into my life.Living with limitless love and light, I ask, believe, and receive.Today is going to be an amazing day!

**I AM statements are affirmations to your inner being.Favorites of mine: 
I AM enough. I AM loved. I AM vibrant.

I could go on and on….

More importantly, create your own I AM’s and say them out loud and often!

Speak lovingly to yourself.

And go ahead and shoot for the stars!

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